Silver lining

Today I opened my mail to a surprise. You see, I'd forgotten about the interview I had done a few months back about my time volunteering with Mercy Ships. Now that I am back in Australia and have returned to my locum life, it's been a while since I reflected on how my time on … Continue reading Silver lining

Living the dream

I've been a locum GP and rural generalist for the last six years.  That's a really long time in locum years.  So why do I choose to have no fixed workplace, and travel varying distances to practice medicine in locations I've often not been before, giving up the stability of a personal and professional life … Continue reading Living the dream

A love affair with that life-changing continent

"Africa - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller". Anon I have somewhat of a love-affair with Africa. We were first introduced in the pages of Jungle Book and later through the eyes of Sir David Attenborough and the BBC's extraordinary cinematography. Innumerable zebra on the endless plains, wildebeest crashing through the … Continue reading A love affair with that life-changing continent

Off to Africa!

Location: currently 32000 feet, somewhere over Somalia Purpose: on my way to my next work adventure Destination: Cameroon, Central Africa Duration: three months Organisation: Mercy Ships Position: Crew Physician Feeling: excited, tired, with a touch of trepidation Earlier last year, whilst having an enforced extended period off work due to an injury, I applied for … Continue reading Off to Africa!

The tropics, medicine, poverty and our own backyard

Three years ago, I left my locum life in Australia to study in East Africa.  Perhaps not the standard direction someone heads for a post-graduate medical education, but I wanted to gain the best first-hand experience whilst completing a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene.  Africa seemed like the perfect place to do so, and … Continue reading The tropics, medicine, poverty and our own backyard